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Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush
Alcohol Inks on Tile
8" x 61/2"

My garden is filled with these lovely Monarch butterflies, though not necessarily on the Butterfly Bush. Here in North Texas, they can't get enough of the Gregg's Blue Mist Flower (Eupatorium greggii), so I plant it by the bucketloads (okay, I really just planted a few starts I had torn up from my old garden when I moved, and it multiplied like crazy...) but I do have a Butterfly Bush which the Monarchs studiously ignore. I probably need to move it to a sunnier location... In my painting though, the Monarchs are enjoying the sweet scent and the graceful conical flower heads of the Butterfly Bush, and so am I.

Alcohol Inks on tile are very slippery and challenging to control, but yield such brilliant, jewel-like colors!

Private Collection