Renee F. Wrenwood Art
The Abandoned NestSunset - Red RocksEchinacea DichotomyDainty BessApple BlossomsCloudcover Over Pikes PeakRain Over Pikes PeakFuchsiaI Remember the Autumn WoodsCottage on College St.Angels TrumpetRed HeartHemerocallis LuminaBleeding HeartPhantasmal PoppiesPapaver SanguineRed AnemonesJunkyard GardenDelphiniums IIPentasWild Roses at Dusk
Sea-TacPenstemon digitalisPricklyFern Glen IIOklahoma Ice PuddleButterfly BushMandevilla RojaDogwoodOrchidCollege Street CastlePokeberriesGhost RoseOenothera speciosaFallingFaerie BellsDaymoonRed and White TulipsMy View of the Field"Chrysanthemums and Bumblebee"Autumn PoetryTigers and ButterfliesAutumn Road"Angie's Rose"Tea Rose IIWalking HomeGuardian"Iris and Firefly"Peach BranchFrom Cross PointDeere at RestTulips Inside and OutDelphiniums IBluebird's BluesAn Apple...Purple and White PansiesSpirit of the Breakers
My art is an expression of my inner guidance, my love of the natural world and my pure joy in creating.

I work predominately in transparent watercolor. I have always been drawn to the luminescence and freshness of works in this medium. I love the unpredictability; the way the paint mixes with the water and takes on a life of its own.

Though watercolor is my first love, I feel drawn to experience other media, as well. I follow my muse where it may lead me…

I have found that creating is as necessary to me as eating or breathing. When I am immersed in art, I am at one with the universe.

Renee F. Wrenwood