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Watercolor Greens, golds, browns abstract realism
Catkin Time - Oak
11" x 14"

Catkin litter is a Springtime staple in North Texas. After finishing my painting "Catkin Time - Birch", I still wanted to experiment with the dried fallen tree flowers. This time I took my Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper outside on a large tray, arranged the catkins as a halo around the central painting area and held them in place with pebbles. I poured greens and browns around the catkins and sprayed the center with water to keep it light. I also had to put a stone under the center of the paper to keep the liquid watercolor from washing onto it. Then I left it in the sun to dry, only coming back to add color or to spray the center. Several hours later, I removed the plant debris and began painting a gnarled red oak like those lining the streets in my neighborhood. This painting stands as an homage to the beauty and strength of the noble oak tree.

Private collection