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iris, pale blue, translucent, vertical, ruffled, abstract background, floral, watercolor, icy blue, stained glass, jewel-like,rainbow, flower
Ice Blue Iris
6.5" x 16"

A softly ruffled Iris from my garden in shades of pale, icy blue, inspired this painting. (Did you know that the word "Iris" comes from "Iridos," which means "Rainbow" in Greek?) The abstract background started with a bit of plastic trellis found in the parking lot at one of my favorite nurseries. One of those "What if?" moments, masking out the iris silhouette, and letting the wet paint pool around the trellis, formed the jewel-like, stained glass of the background. The falls and the standards of the iris were painted with extremely diluted paint to capture the pale, translucency of those petals.