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a MacIntosh apple with blackboard behind
An Apple...
Transparent Watercolor
4" x 6"

This little MacIntosh apple had such beautiful striations and colors, it was just begging to be painted.

I added a table and old-fashioned blackboard (it's all Smartboards these days) so we'll know who the apple is for.

This is one of those paintings that was just way too perfect (or boring?) until I messed up the background a bit. I added red to the green "blackboard". That should have made "mud" as red is the compliment of green, but you can see the red over/through the green. I love watercolor! The transparent nature of it allows me to glaze with a compliment and get some thing interesting...

This painting has a deckle showing at the bottom and lovely torn edges (not visible in photo) all around.

Private Collection
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